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ARKHOMEFACTS is intended for anyone who may be considering the purchase of a residential retirement Park Home and to provide links to sources of information for those who have already taken this step.     For many thousands, park home retirement offers peace and security among like-minded others  but for some it can become a nightmare.   Parkhomefacts  is intended to help you make the right choices, to offer advice on how to avoid the first pitfalls and also  to assist existing home-owners who may have entered the market and need advice or help.   

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This site will be updated and expanded to meet demand and is intended to  include  advice and information that  you may not find elsewhere .  If you find it useful, please pass on our web address  to anyone who is thinking about buying a park home or to those who  already  have.


A review by the Department of Communities and Local Government of the effects of the 2013 Mobile Homes Act is scheduled for 2017.  It has already take evidence and a Working Group is already in place.


parkhomefacts provides links to advisory services who will be able to answer your further questions.


It is estimated that there are some 180,000 park home owners throughout the UK, mostly living on what are described as Local Authority `protected` sites that are privately owned and operated either by individuals or partnerships or companies. Some site owners have one or two sites and others dozens but all are are subject to the same laws and regulations that apply and are expected to adhere to the  terms of licenses issued by the respective Local Authorities. Many do but sadly others don't and who owns and operates a site is perhaps the most important factor in your decision. These pages include what you need to look for in choosing the park of your preference, the positive signs to note and the negative ones from which you should walk away. 

further Information

You may use the links to find most of what you may need to know and these pages will be regularly updated to reflect trends, any changes in laws and regulations and the basic must and must not do`s, how to avoid the possible pitfalls and where to go if you encounter them. parkhomefacts should certainly be read by everyone or anyone you know who may be thinking of buying a park home anywhere in the UK and also by existing home-owners who may now need access to help. The general message is to pick your home and the site owner with care. Making the right choice can mean the difference between a happy and peaceful retirement or ongoing problems. Hopefully this website will go some way toward helping you make the right decisions.